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I have lower back pain. Should I seat on a stability ball at the office?

With the increasing number of people working in an office nowadays, it’s more and more frequent to hear people complaining of a sore or tight back. In our practice, we’re often asked by people if sitting on a stability ball (or gym ball) would help their back pain. What causes lower back pain? Our lumbar spine (lower back) is a group of pilled bones (vertebrae) with intervertebral discs in between them, which are stabilised in a correct position by teamwork...

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For many years, we've heard that after an acute injury we should follow the RICE protocol, as in Rest, Ice, Compression; Elevation1. Later, in 2011, Bleakley and colleagues2 suggested adding Protection, making it PRICE. It is not hard to realise that a process as complex as tissue healing may have in a PRICE protocol a very vague and non-specific approach that doesn't change as the condition moves through the several stages of tissue healing and rehab. For this reason, Blaise...

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