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Pilates is an exercise program aimed to activate core muscles (deep spinal) and to improve their function.

This great method is currently reforming the way Physiotherapists prevent and rehabilitate injuries. Clinical Pilates is a system of exercises that integrates the traditional Pilates Method with modern research into musculoskeletal dysfunction.



What is Clinical Pilates?

Every individual has specific biomechanics and movement patterning. Physiotherapists use Clinical Pilates to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions, like low back pain, chronic pain due to hypermobility and improve weak core stability post-pregnancy.

How does Clinical Pilates exercises work?

Pilates will strengthen core muscles around your spine. The focus of pilates is solely on you and we will make sure that you are maintaining the best technique, so you can recover from your condition as soon as possible. Pilates exercises will be aimed at the appropriate level for you and your pain and are progressed when possible and tolerated.