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Frozen Shoulder

Overview Your shoulder hurts immensely and you can’t make any use of it as it doesn’t have much movement available due to a sudden increase in stiffness. There wasn’t probably a precipitating factor or reason to explain it. You may have heard of it before and you’re likely facing a frozen shoulder, also known as a Adhesive Capsulitis. In a frozen shoulder, the structure that is affected is the capsule of the ball and socket joint: the gleno-humeral joint (Sharma,...

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I have painful and noisy knee cap! Do I have arthritis?

Many people who suffer from knee pain, complain of a nagging pain that seems to arise from behind the knee cap. They don’t recall any precipitating injury, only that the knee has to got gradually sore and, now, affects daily activities such as climbing stairs crouching or sitting with the knees bent for long periods and sometimes it develops this grinding noise. The Knee Joint The knee is composed mainly of two joints One between the Shin bone and Thigh...

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Tennis Elbow? But I’ve never played tennis!

The elbow is the joint that, in simple terms, allows us to bring things towards us or to take them away from us. However, it is in the elbow that the important muscles of gripping and some important fine dexterity hand movements attach. Therefore, depending on our daily activities, occupation and hobbies, whether they require holding a racket and channelling all the topspin you can to win the set point, painting the baby’s room or taking on that DIY project...

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Dry needling to improve hamstring muscle flexibility in athletes

Hamstring muscle flexibility is important because it optimizes musculoskeletal function and may prevent injury to the muscle. The most common way of improving muscle flexibility is through stretching, which has been shown to bring about viscoelastic and neurophysiological changes in the muscle. In the clinical setting, acupuncture is routinely used to treat myofascial trigger points, which are commonly found in tight muscles. The aim of this study was to investigate whether the acupuncture technique referred to as superficial dry needling...

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Benefits of Kinesiotape for Sub acromial impingement

The shoulder is a true engineering masterpiece, which allows significant range of movement along with the possibility of high speed, which is very demanding to accomplish if we think of the stability required to combine these two factors. Thus, the shoulder movement is the result of a combination of 4 (some people defend 5) joints coordinated movements. The main joint, the one we call the shoulder joint is between humerus (upper arm bone) and the scapula (shoulder blade), but the...

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